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Share Your Brand Story Through Creative + Emotive Visual Content

Every brand has a story to tell, and I want to help you capture + highlight yours. It’s so important to create a visual narrative of your brand, your client’s experience, your team, your passion… and your why! Share where you came from, how you got here, and who you are through your journey.

Create real connections with your audience by sharing more of the real you!

Share your story. Find your people. Grow your tribe.

What to Capture

What are your visual content goals for your session? The focus of each session may be different if you need a lot of content in a certain area at a time, or you might need a variety of images from each session to keep it fresh. Whether it’s social media content for your business or personal brand, or creating evergreen images for your website + print collateral, you need to be clear in what type of content you need to create.

Tip #1: Write out the content pillars that you cover in your business, then the topics under each pillar. Look at where you have the most need for visual content, or any aging photos to update.

Tip #2: Write out what parts of your brand story + personal story you want to share to brainstorm ways to creatively tell or represent it in your session.

Tip #3: Create a Pinterest board with inspiration images that are aligned with your brand. You can create sections within your board to organize clothing + accessories, beauty, and visual content inspiration.

Share Your Authentic Story

Creating content isn’t just about making “cool” images. Each image you use in your business needs to communicate some aspect of your brand: from color palette and aesthetic style, to personality, messaging and core values. Visual content needs to be engaging, emotive, educational, and entertaining… but in your brand’s authentic voice.

Don’t bring an energy or style that doesn’t match your brand. It gets confusing + weird. Stay true to who you are, what you do, and WHY you do it!

Doing what other people are doing just to do it will get you lost in the sea of social media. Standout by being your authentic self! It seriously helps weed out the people that aren’t quite the right fit, and draws in the people who need you.

What to Expect

First, check out all the Brand Story + Content Creation session options to see what you might be interested in.

sugar plum creative columbus ohio portrait lifestyle brand personal brand branding photographer storyteller

Then you’ll schedule a Connection Call to talk about what you need, how I can help you, and which session would be the best fit for you. You’ll fill out a Client Questionnaire so you can tell me a little about yourself + your brand before we speak.

Once you decide we’re the right fit, we’ll start planning the details of your session. I love using Trello to organize all the details of your session (including your Pinterest link), tips & suggestions, and sharing the flow so you know what to expect before & after your session! 

You’ll also receive access to your Client Portal. This is where you can view each session you book with your invoice, payment details, session agreement, and model release.

Session Planning

All brand sessions include studio time; to solidify your session date we’ll need to check location availability. We’ll schedule a Brand Strategy Call to start talking about wardrobe options, props, scheduling professional services, and to start creating the shot list.

As we progress through the planning stages, we might have another strategy call or keep it in email. Regardless, everything will be updated in Trello, and we’ll both have access to add or make any adjustments as needed. Having a plan makes everything flow so much smoother!

After the Session

You’ve done so much hard work prepping + showing up confident and amazing for your session, now it’s time for you to relax! But you probably won’t because you’re anxious to get your proof gallery back! While you wait, keep your eyes on social media for BTS or sneak peak posts and stories.

Editing time varies with each session, but proof galleries are delivered within 3-5 weeks.

Once your final images are selected, you’ll receive a download link with high-resolution images.

For video content, you’ll receive a Vimeo link to preview your content, followed by a download email from WeTransfer.

Then…. start posting!!

Have fun + don’t be afraid to be a visible part of your business. 
I can’t wait to help you elevate your brand! 

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