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Visual Content, Storytelling + Branding Sessions | Sugar Plum Creative | Ohio Photographer + Content Creator

just think How it would feel to have a growing bank of intentionally created visual content at your finger tips?? ✦  NO MORE using out-of-date photos because you have choices!✦  NO MORE struggling with scheduling content!✦  NO MORE (accidentally) using copyright protected images!✦  NO MORE over-used stock photos to keep your brand recognizable! Highlight your …

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Stay Fresh Subscription | Monthly Visual Content

Get sugar Plum’d! Sign up for the latest updates & session prep tips right to your inbox! First name Last name Email address Join the list Thank you for subscribing! Let’s create engaging + intentional Visual Content every month with For businesses + entrepreneurs who post frequently and love to harness the power of visual …

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brand sessions

Branding vs. Brand Identity

The Creative Partnership Between Your Brand’sClient-Experience + Visual Identity You definitely know the term ‘branding’, and most likely have heard of ‘brand identity’ too… but what’s the difference?? In a world overflowing with businesses, consumers are overwhelmed with options which forces businesses to rethink the way they engage + communicate with potential and returning clients. …

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Why Sugar Plum Creative?

Simply put… Sugar Plum Creative merges art, storytelling, and your brand personality to create custom photography + social video content that speaks volumes. Breathe life into your visual content + brand narrative to connect and engage with your audience. Have an abstract idea or concept you’re not sure how to represent? That’s my jam!! We’ll …

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What is Visual Content?

Visual content is all the image-based collateral a business needs to market themselves, such as pictures, diagrams, charts, infographics, videos, memes and slide decks. As technical as that sounds, and as important as it is to communicate through branded visuals… it’s also a ton of fun to create! Great looking visuals can make the most …