The picture that you took with your camera is the i m a g i n a t i o n you want to create with reality.

Scott Lorenzo

Hey! I’m Erin Burke –

I’m a Visual Storyteller in Columbus, Ohio.

Creating art through photography is my passion,

and I love what I do!!

I’m also a wife, toddler mom + abstract artist on the side!

I love creating stunning works of art, whether it’s through photography, digital art or abstract painting. Also, my obsession with glitter is exceptionally strong. My husband Rob is my rock + an amazing father. My daughter made us a family + brings so much joy (and WTF’s?!?) to our lives. Life is definitely an adventure every day with a toddler!

We’ve been married for 15 years, together for 20 years, and have a goofy friendship in its third decade…. we’re pretty much high school sweethearts! We have a super smart + hilarious kid that just blows our minds everyday! She fills our hearts with so much love it’s crazy!!

I can’t live without them…. or caffeine. (you can usually find me with a coffee, Mt. Dew or Red Bull #caffeinateanddominate) And don’t let my short stature sell me short – ha! – I may be small, but I think B I G ! ! ! It’s pretty much my superpower! #inspiration #creativity #imagination 24/7

These are my people + they are my everything!!!

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I’ve been creative ever since I was little, and I’ve always had a super big imagination. All through school, art was my favorite subject. I had experience in film photography in elementary and middle school, and I’ve always loved painting, drawing + creating mixed media art.

I didn’t get into digital photography until my mid-20’s, but it was mostly landscape, architecture and abstract photography… because the thought of people scared the sh*t out of me! (hello, social anxiety + awkwardness!) It wasn’t until I took photography classes as part of my graphic design degree that my love for it re-ignited, but this time I wasn’t so scared of portraits.

My obsession for creativity + passion for the arts became my life calling. I find so much joy + fulfillment in helping others through my creative vision! My artistry has evolved through the years as I found my artistic voice through the lens. Creative storytelling + emotive photography is the center of Sugar Plum Creative.

Some Random Things…

◦ I’m easily excitable
◦ I laugh too loud
◦ I tell cheesy jokes
◦ I LOVE glitter
◦ I’m really good at entertaining myself
◦ I play disc golf
◦ I prefer strawberry jelly over grape
◦ Gummy candy is my kryptonite

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I hope you enjoy your time here with me!

Poke around and check out what I love to do! If you’re drawn to my work, I’d love to connect with you and create something MAGICAL together!!