But first – we gotta jive, baby!

Some people think professional photographers will photograph what ever the client wants because they will get paid, but that’s not true!

I love to connect with new clients before officially booking a session because personality-melding has soooo much to do with creating an amazing photoshoot so you feel comfortable + have fun! Which is the secret sauce to creating amazing photos BTW 😉 I want to get to know you, what you like to do, and what vibe you want to create to make sure I’m the right person for the job!

Photography is an art. You wouldn’t expect Picasso to create a realistic painting just because he had paint + canvas and would get paid; the same respect is extended when it comes to photography.

There are different styles + genres of photography. You should hire a photographer whose style you’re drawn to for your brand AND is the right person for what you want to capture. If we aren’t the right fit, I’m happy to send referrals so you find your creative counterpart!

PRO TIP: I do my best work when I’m excited + inspired… not just because of dollar signs attached to it.

So, what’s this Mystical Process of Connection??

The first step to working together is setting up a Connection Call to talk about your vision + goals for your session. After you select your date + time, you’ll fill out a questionnaire to tell me a little about you, your business, and your brand.

Instead of starting cold when we talk, and you explaining it all, probably trying to be concise + leaving out some good stuff, my preference is to give you time to think about your responses on the questionnaire. Being intentional is key!

I want to get to know you a bit before we talk so I have time to think of better questions (and to sleuth around your website/ social) to make our time more productive + meaningful. There’s also a spot to share a public Pinterest or digital mood board link (or add Sugar Plum Creative to your private Pinterest board) because visual inspiration is the crown jewel of communication when creating visual content!

HOMEWORK: Get ahead of the game! Write out what you need to visually represent for your visual marketing strategy: your business, your brand, and yourself. Collect images that have the vibe of what you want to create: posing inspiration (favorite ‘power pose’, laughing, bringing energy, etc), environmental spaces (downtown, nature, working spaces, etc), outfit ideas, etc.

Are We a ♡ Match?!?

If you’re excited as we talk through what you’re looking for from your images (concept, locations, style, possible dates, packages, etc.) and you’re ready to book your session, I’ll send over an invoice to make it official. A deposit or session fee is due immediately to secure your session. When the date is selected (unless selected during the call), you’ll receive a session agreement + model release to your email to review + sign.

If you’re super pumped but need more time to review schedules before picking a date (life can be crazy, I get it!), I’ll send the invoice for the deposit or session fee, and a scheduler link so you can pick your date when you’re ready. (or you can email me :)) Once you pick the date, I’ll send the session agreement + model release.

Let’s Talk Strategy

We’re going to plan out every detail + maximize the diversity of your content! All brand sessions include studio time, so that’s one of the first details to handle as we plan your session. Because studio availability might dictate session time, even the date, this is something we’ll explore on our Connection Call. We’ll cover all the types of content you need to create which will start the session molding process.

You’ll have a bit of homework do so before you have our first actual Session Strategy Call to fine-tune your vision + visual inspiration so we can start creating a plan. One of my favorite tools to use for planning sessions is the Trello app!

All the details, pre-session flow, resources + tips you need are listed on your private board, along with a place for you to share your outfits + props, your Pinterest link, AND the session shot list so your session runs smoothly! This way we can’t lose your shot list, unless we both lose our phones – haha!

I’m a huge proponent for taking this opportunity to treat yo’self! Not only to get pampered (because you deserve it!), but to relieve stress + anxiety while the professionals do what they do best! Book a makeup artist + hair stylist! Get your brows shaped + help your skin glow! Schedule that nail appointment so you don’t have the smudgies or chippies! Get the hat or jacket you’ve had your eye on! I’m also a huge proponent for supporting small businesses!

Click here for some Central Ohio referrals to help you get ready for your session!

Timing is Everything!!

Before your session, schedule any cosmetic or facial services 3-weeks in advance; hair cut + coloring services at least 2-weeks in advance. Just in case there’s an issue, you have time to heal or for a correction. Get your manicure (and pedi) within days of your session to reduce chipping.

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It goes without saying that makeup + hair services should be scheduled the day of your session. Not all sessions include makeup + hair services, but everyone gets a list of amazing service providers to help find the right support you need!

For sessions that do include the services, I’ll handle booking them to make sure things flow smoothly to the start of your session.

In the week or two leading up, try to get better sleep, drink more water, and meditate (or do (more) yoga) to help keep anxiety + nerves at bay. The closer you get to you session, you might feel more anxious, but remember: We. Have. A Plan! And it’s in Trello! 😉 We’ve done so much work up until this point making sure everything we’re going to do is aligned with your brand, feels fresh + has the right energy….. so just B R E A T H E !

PRO TIP: Gel polish is much more durable than lacquer polish. Use a neutral color that will go with your outfits. Make plans to do something after your session since you’re all dolled up – make the day a whole thaaang! 🙂

The BIG Day!

Before you went to sleep last night, I know you had all your outfits + accessories already laid out… maybe even packed in a hanging bag with little plastic baggies of organized accessories. Your props are ready by the door. You got good sleep and started the day excited! Well, maybe after the coffee kicked in. Keep your vibe high as you get ready + head out to get your makeup and hair done.

PRO TIP: Treat yourself like a toddler and kid-proof everything you do today! Lids on cups with straws; have non-messy snacks + water handy; consider wearing a bib when eating + drinking once you’re dressed. Have EVERYTHING packed the night before that you can to minimize forgotten items, including aforementioned snacks. You’ll thank me later!

Everything should be timed so that we won’t have to wait (long) to get into the studio after your appointment. We’ll get all our stuff in and quickly sort through to get outfits + props staged in order that we’ll shoot. If we’re outside, we’ll have to be creative with outfit changes but that’s also something we’ll talk about as we plan your locations. As an alternative, you can lean into more accessory changes (jackets, sweaters, hats, scarves, shoes, jewelry, etc.) to diversify a simple outfit, like a tee with jeans or a faux-leather legging.

And don’t forget to HAVE FUN!!! That’s a super big key to creating content that will captivate + engage your audience! Now, not all professions can be all smiles all the time, but you need to bring energy to your images or they’ll look flat. Creating uninteresting imagery defeats the purpose of creating content and is not what I’m looking to do. (remember why I have Connection Calls before working with someone? to avoid this!!)

The Aftermath

Just kidding! That’s so ominous! LOL But for real, now is the time to wait. I’ll post some BTS / sneak peaks on social media (follow me on FB + IG!) but depending on the package, editing takes a few weeks.

First, you’ll get a proof gallery of mostly-edited images for you to select your final (or mostly final) images from. Once those are selected, I’ll finish the detail edits to deliver them in your final gallery. From there, you’ll make your final image selection, if needed, and I’ll send a download link so you can start using your photos!

If you want more images than your session includes, that’s no problem! You’ll get invoiced for the extras before the download link is sent. You’ll receive high-resolution images so they can be used in print collateral, but if you need any images downsized for website use (smaller images load faster), I can help with resizing. Then it’s my turn to wait!! I’ll be sitting on pins + needles watching my feed for you to start sharing!

Now What??

It’s time to start thinking about your next content session! What do you need to create next to help share your brand message + tell your brand story?? I’m ready to create unique + magical content with you!

Click here to learn more about all the Brand Story + Content Creation sessions and packages Sugar Plum Creative has to offer, and to set up a Connection Call!!

I can’t wait to talk with you!!

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