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Branding, Visual Content + Storytelling… OH MY!

Create your own on-brand visual content that conveys your brand message & client experience! First of all… let’s discuss what a brand photoshoot is, and why you need one…like, yesterday!! You know that actors have headshots to sell and market themselves as a brand… brand photography sessions are the same thing, but way more creative, …

brand session resources

Session Prep Checklist: Brand Photography

6 Prep Tips for Brand Photography Sessions There’s a lot that goes into planning a brand session – whether is for your personal brand or your business. With each brand session, you first have to evaluate where you brand is currently and if it’s aligned with where you want to take it. You do want …

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brand session resources

Curated Visual Content for Your Business

You NEED Engaging VISUAL CONTENT for You + Your Brand

 Because You’re READY to REFRESH Your Online Presence!!


What is Curated Visual Content??

Well, it’s NOT generic images that anyone can find online. It’s NOT random photos that look pretty. They ARE images that are created just for YOU + YOUR BRAND that capture your story for you to share with your audience.

Curated visual content are a set of images or graphics intentionally created to reflect your values, what it’s like to work with you, and how you serve your clients + community.

All sprinkled with your personality!

What people see online is what they should get in person, so authenticity (while thrown around like the latest ‘buzz word’ trend) is super important!

Authenticity sounds much bigger than it is!

It’s just YOU showing up as YOURSELF! It means understanding that the word ‘professional’ is subjective to each industry. I mean, I’m a photographer – would you expect me to show up to your session in a pantsuit? Or a lawyer to show up in court in leggings and a tunic? No matter how cute the shoes are, you wouldn’t (COULDN’T) take a lawyer seriously unless they looked the part!

Sooo….. What does your industry look like?? How do you bring your personality to the table? Are you showing your clients what it’s like to work with you? How do you make their lives better? What are your brand’s values?

Entrepreneurs, Business Owners + Online Influencers

PERSONAL BRAND PHOTOGRAPHY provides customized visual content to connect your brand story with your audience while embracing your message + purpose.

Businesses (small or large)

BRAND PHOTOGRAPHY curates your brand’s story through stylized sessions, reinforcing the value of your product or service.


We’ll map out a custom photoshoot that perfectly reflects your brand + story. We’ll create engaging visual content that will attract consumers over viewers. The only goal of Sugar Plum Creative is for YOU to SUCCEED!

Hey – it’s Erin! The artist behind SPC!

Sound like your jam? Do you want to know MORE?

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