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For Entrepreneurs + Online Influencers, brand and lifestyle photography provides customized, on-brand visual content to connect with your target audience while sharing your values, message + purpose in fun and engaging ways.

For Micro + Small Businesses, creative storytelling photography curates your brand story through stylized sessions, visually reinforcing the value of your product or service to solve their pain points. Build trust with your audience by sharing a compelling, authentic visual narrative.

Together, we’ll map out a custom photo shoot that perfectly reflects your brand + story. We’ll create engaging, on-brand visual content that will attract your target consumers.

The only Goal of Sugar Plum Creative is for YOU to SUCCEED!

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[ Let’s talk about Process ]

What is it like to work with Sugar Plum Creative?

Regardless if we’ve worked together before, I’ll direct you to schedule a Connection Call (click here). For new clients, we can get to know each other and I can get to know your brand; for returning clients, we’ll be able to catch up and talk about your current content needs.

You’ll fill out a questionnaire when you schedule your call, so you don’t have to start at square one and we can be more productive. You can also share any Pinterest boards or inspiration links through the form too!

Once you decide that I’m the best fit for your needs, we’ll work to get your session scheduled, and start planning all the details of what we’ll capture and where. Having a plan in place will have to reduce your anxiety leading up to the session, and will help keep things moving smoothly as we shoot.

Sugar Plum Creative Columbus Ohio Lifestyle Portrait Business Personal Brand Photography Films Videos

Planning + Strategy

After the date is set, and we’ll officially start creating a plan for the session, and you’ll be able to schedule any professional services to help you prepare and feel confident for the photoshoot, from beauty services to personal styling.

I highly recommend using a professional makeup artist because they have amazing products that will long great and last! I also recommend scheduling a hair stylist – it’s one less thing to stress you out, and seriously it’s so relaxing! The last service I recommend is getting your nails done – it’s an overlooked detail until you realize they’re chipped and your hangnails look like fringe!

As we get closer to your session date, we’ll make sure we have all the details accounted for: professional services scheduled, wardrobe, stories to capture, locations, rentals, permits, number of people, if props are needed, weather, etc. I love using Trello to keep track of all the things because we can both update the lists as needed!

Sugar Plum Creative Columbus Ohio Lifestyle Portrait Business Personal Brand Photography Films Videos

Session Day

The day of your session, make sure to show up a little early. Depending on where the session is, you may need to text me when you get there before coming in. (Covid-19 adjustment)

I also suggest bringing snacks to munch on! Your anxiety may keep you from eating as much as you should before hand, and you need to keep your energy level up so you can bring your full personality.

The biggest thing to remember is to just relax, have fun, and don’t hold your breath! It still surprises me every time I catch a fake looking smile, the person is holding their breath! JUST BREATHE, PEOPLE! This is also why I love making people fake laugh – it’s so freakin’ ridiculous that it makes you actually laugh, and then I get a genuine smile from you. So… be ready to L-O-L!!

Your Images

A Commercial Use license is also included in Brand Photography Sessions. That means you can use the images from your session for your business as you see fit. You can crop them, use filters, apply text and/or graphics over them. You can use them in print collateral too, because your gallery will be high-resolution images (aka print quality). Personally, I love photos on business cards!! (hint-hint)

If you need web-sized images, there’s actually an option when you download your high-resolution images to download web-sized files! SUPER EASY!!! I want you to be able to start sharing and using them right away – however you need to! 👈 That makes me super happy!!

PRO TIP: Make sure to backup your photos once you download them!

Once you download your images, it’s the your responsibility to keep the images safe! I suggest saving them to a thumb drive and backing them up on Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or another cloud based service so you can access your photos at any time (in case you get inspired on the fly to share something on social but you just need a good photo to go with).

If you have any questions about sessions – click here!

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