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brand sessions

Visual Content, Storytelling + Branding Sessions | Sugar Plum Creative | Ohio Photographer + Content Creator

just think How it would feel to have a growing bank of intentionally created visual content at your finger tips?? ✦  NO MORE using out-of-date photos because you have choices!✦  NO MORE struggling with scheduling content!✦  NO MORE (accidentally) using copyright protected images!✦  NO MORE over-used stock photos to keep your brand recognizable! Highlight your …

brand sessions

Stay Fresh Subscription | Monthly Visual Content

Get sugar Plum’d! Sign up for the latest updates & session prep tips right to your inbox! First name Last name Email address Join the list Thank you for subscribing! Let’s create engaging + intentional Visual Content every month with For businesses + entrepreneurs who post frequently and love to harness the power of visual …

brand sessions

Branding, Visual Content + Storytelling… OH MY!

Create your own on-brand visual content that conveys your brand message & client experience! First of all… let’s discuss what a brand photoshoot is, and why you need one…like, yesterday!! You know that actors have headshots to sell and market themselves as a brand… brand photography sessions are the same thing, but way more creative, …