6 Prep Tips for
Branding + Visual Content Sessions

There’s a lot that goes into planning your session –
whether is for your personal brand, business or creating social content.

With each brand session, evaluate where you brand is currently and if it’s aligned with where you want to take it. You want to maximize the use of your images, not just create a batch of one-time-use content!

Once you have a handle on the content you need to create and have a vision of what it looks like (or at least a mood board to convey the feeling & energy you wan to incorporate, and visual elements), then it’s time to start planning your photography session! #magictime

Everything we create will be coherent, on-brand + have a purpose.
And it’s going to be freaking AMAZING!!!

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#1 Schedule Professional Services

#2 What To Wear

  • don’t wait to plan outfits
  • try on EVERYTHING to make sure it fits with appropriate undergarments
  • start with what makes you feel the most confident
  • use mood boards or Pinterest for inspo
  • keep patterns large + at a minimum
  • try color blocking
  • work with a personal stylist if you’re really struggling

#3 What To Capture

  • decide what story or stories to share through your set of images
  • write out a list of where the photos will be used (at least describe the type of setting/s you want)
  • put together a detailed shot list so we don’t miss anything
  • create a Pinterest board with visual ideas and elements
  • think about props

#4 Planning Your Session

  • every detail counts!
  • locations + aesthetic
  • what to shoot + where
  • props per setup
  • additional people
  • we’ll create a strategy + shot list
  • if you need more creative support, we’ll brainstorm all the possibilities to find the right fit

#5 Clear Communication

  • if anything changes with your session, let me know immediately
  • if you call me, please follow up with an email to make sure all changes are documented
  • if anything changes on my part, I’ll reach out so we can make the needed changes
  • if you have any questions or need help, let me know!

#6 Self-Care

  • get a good night’s sleep or it’ll show in your photos
  • sessions are exciting + stressful, so try to get more sleep + drink more water the in the week leading up to your session
  • ^this^ is usually when the anxiety kicks is big time because shit’s about to get real… FUN! lol
  • think about how amazing your session is going to be to raise your vibe!

I’d love to talk with you to see how I can help you!

Let’s make MAGIC!

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