How Do You Share Your Story to Attract Your Tribe??

Well, first off…. don’t be creepy! LOL Now that the elephant’s out of the way, the rest is actually pretty easy!

Since every post you share shouldn’t be about selling (like, only 20% of your posts should) so you need to fill up the rest of that time with value and connection!

Sharing tips & places you like to shop or eat at will…. 1) make you relatable so people know you’re not a bot, 2) foster conversation (‘I’ve been meaning to try that’ or ‘I love that place!’), and 3) lead to building real relationships! Plus… it’s just FUN! ha!

So what’s one of the first things that comes to mind that you’d like to share with your audience so they can build that know-like-trust factor to spend their hard-earned dollars with you??

If you follow me on social, you see that my daughter shows up a lot. I’m a #wfh momma and I share my parenting journey/struggles. Since my hubby works during the day, he’s kinda absent from a lot of our adventure photos, so I have to make sure he’s present every so often so people don’t think I’m a single mom – lol

I don’t have issues posting visual content but words are kind of a struggle for me anyways when I go to post. I quote songs or using sayings sometimes, or just share a silly antidote to bring a smile to someone’s face. I do love to make people laugh, so I post a lot of random, goofy things. Also, that prepares people for the random, goofy things I say in person during sessions…. so it’s entertaining AND educational 🙂

If personal brand sessions are missing from your photography line up through the year, you’re only capturing part of your Brand Story as a business owner. Your story isn’t about your product or service; your brand story encompasses your WHY, your PASSION, what DRIVES YOU, your VISION for the future, and all the things that are in-line with your brand and brand message (like your favorite coffee shop that fuels you through that 2pm slump!)

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