Storytelling sessions are a more emotive + rich photography session than a traditional portrait session.

Also… I don’t do ‘traditional’. Periodt.

Because of my passion for storytelling, emotional connection, and creating art, all photography sessions with Sugar Plum Creative are really Storytelling Sessions. It’s a way to capture a piece of your special story to celebrate your unique life, to honor your journey. 

These are more than just photography sessions. You’re leaving your mark in this world, and everyone’s story should be witnessed.

Here’s how I go about creating storytelling images for you…

Emotions are an important part of storytelling

To capture emotions, you need people and faces… however, emotion can be communicated very well through body language, like hugging, holding hands, etc. If you tend to talk with your hands, don’t try to stop yourself from doing it during your session – it makes the images won’t feel natural. The best shots come after you get used to me or forget I’m there because your face has natural expressions again.

I love capturing small details to tell a story

A single portrait wouldn’t be a story because a person’s story is in the details. It’s a picture on their desk, travel books strewn across a bedroom floor, a close-up of dirty hands from working the garden, a wide-angle shot of them surrounded by a few of their favorite things.

I use the entire frame of the composition

Sometimes it makes sense to fill the frame, but there’s a lot to be said for using negative space.

Sometimes I lie flat on the floor or climb up on things to gain new perspectives, in an attempt to include environmental details that lends to the storytelling. I get strange looks, but eh….

I create variety in a series of shots

I capture a variety of different image styles and angles of a single situation. You need portraits, wide-angle shots, shots from up high, down low, action shots, zoomed-in details… all these combined tell a whole story.

I love planning ahead with a shot list

If you have ideas for specific shots, angles, locations, etc, note them so when we connect to plan your session, we can make sure to capture everything. From families to couples to brands, having a shot list planned for your session takes out a lot of the anxiety so we can have more fun!

If you love your story and want to celebrate it…

If you have an amazing personality and want to highlight it…

If you want to create an artistic expression of your life…

Let’s talk about your vision and dream!

I’d love to help you create something special + magical!!!

Talk Soon!

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