Create Visual Content that’s On-Brand & Attracts Your Ideal Client

What I love about Kayla, the wonderful momma behind Mountain Feather Designs, is that she has created an amazing brand that was inspired by her beautiful + sweet family! And not because she studied so hard to craft and curate her brand – but because SHE LIVES IT! She IS her brand!!

Once she discovered this and really started tailoring her content and marketing to find her ideal client, on top of creating beautiful, sentimental jewelry pieces (OMG!! you HAVE to check out her work! I want it all! lol), her business really took off!

Being authentic and sharing your story – what you like, where you shop, what you do in your down time – really does build online connections, real relationships and people more likely to buy from you AND refer you to others. Just follow MFD on Instagram – I love watching her Stories!!

So if you’re a business owner, I know you have to do and think of ALL THE THINGS…. but pause and look at your visual content. Is it really what you want to be putting out in the world to attract “your tribe”? Is something lacking or has your brand changed??

If you find yourself in a spot where you’re thinking it’s time to upgrade your presence (especially since so many more people are shopping online… thanks to this wrench thrown at us that is 2020!!), I’d love to talk with you to see if I can help you create a beacon to stand out and share your story!

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