Headshots with Personality are the Only Ones I’ll Take… Sorry not Sorry!

Theses images give me so much life!!! I LOVE creating amazing + functional art for creatives to use in business! When you are your brand, you need to bring all your personality and charm to your session. Your potential clients need to FEEL you through each email; your VIBE needs to resonate through the interwebs!

Remember, your vibe attracts your tribe….. so stop and think about what you’re really putting out into the world!

Are the images you’re using for your business – on social media, your website, your profile images, your business card (yeah!! that’s a thing, y’all!) – in line with your brand message or are you using images that are ‘good enough’….?

If you think you might be ready for new headshots, or you KNOW they’re long over due, let’s connect to set up a quick and effective headshot session for you! Click here!

Also, Tanis can help you prepare for your next photography session too! She’s an AMAZING makeup artist and hair stylist! Check out her adorable salon in Marysville – Gem Tone Salon!

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