Hey! It’s me, Erin!
The feisty creative behind the camera
+ owner of Sugar Plum Creative!

I laugh a lot….. Get used to this face!! lol

I’m trying to get better about sharing about me more, instead of why I love storytelling photography sessions, so you can get to know ME and not just about my amazing photography skills!

Ok…. so here we go!

I love chicken soft tacos, things that sparkle, and laughing too loud! 90’s music & classic rock are my jam, and a lot of dance-y music… I can’t help but shake my booty when a good song is on, AND I host totally EPIC solo dance parties. My car is my favorite venue to perform – ha!! (but seriously tho….) 

Don’t mind me while I play with fiii-yaaa!! Follow 837 Creations on IG !

I love to create abstract art… and I can guarantee that I will have paint under my nails + in my rings when we meet. Every. Single. Time! #sorrynotsorry Macrame and hand-lettering are also on my ‘Creative Bucket List’… What can I say…. I have a knack for the creative and I can’t (and won’t!) stop!!

I’m a serial creative tinker-er… I’ve even taken classes for Industrial + Interior Design, so I know just enough to be annoying and dangerous when it comes to designing or building something. My hubby just LOOOOVES when I give him my unsolicited input on his projects! hehehe!

Rob + Raelynn in action! The messier the project, the better!

And probably what I love most is that I get to share my love of creativity/art/imagination with my daughter!! I really love that she’s into getting creative and messy – she really likes the messy part…. she’s 2.5, so there’s that – ha!

And NOW she’s getting into photography! Like legit! She takes my phone to take photos and video, and I even let her play with my first DSLR (Nikon D3100) a few times – she’s actually taken some decent photos! Not a lot, but she actually composes her image (i.e. making me hold my foot up in the air to take a series of photos (that totally missed focus and the subject matter, but hey, she’s trying!! <3 )) Basically, she’s my future assistant + second shooter… LOL

My mini me!!!

I truly LOVE that I can help people with my craft and talent behind the lens, whether it’s creating memories for families, styling portraits, or working sessions with brands. I would love to talk with you to learn about you, what your needs are, and how I can help you!

Talk with you soon!

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