You’re a Living Masterpiece

Some people think professional photographers will photograph what ever the client wants because they’re getting paid – that’s so not true! Photography is an art. If you wouldn’t go to Picasso for, or pressure him to create, a realistic painting, even though he has paint + canvas and can literally create what ever he wants, it just seems odd that there isn’t the same sweeping respect when it comes to photography.

There are different styles + genres of photography. You should hire a photographer whose style you want for your commissioned artwork AND is the right person for what you want to capture. Family photographers aren’t wedding photographers; wedding photographers aren’t newborn photographers, etc.

PRO TIP: Look at the body of their work, check out their website + social media. Get a sense of their personality to make sure they’re bringing the right energy to your session. Sometimes people can create absolutely amazing work, but might not be a joy to work with, or you might just have a fundamental personality difference… sometimes you don’t know until after the fact. It’s almost like dating… lol

PERSONALITY has soooo much to do with creating an amazing photoshoot so you feel comfortable + have funwhich is the secret sauce to creating amazing photos BTW! Before we do anything, I want to get to know you, what you like to do, and what vibe you want to create to make sure I’m the right person for the job! I do my best work when I’m excited + inspired… not just because of dollar signs attached to it.

Create memories because family sessions are about having fun – doing things your kids love to do is how you get real, authentic smiles, and not the dreaded ‘cheese face’! Pretty much the same goes for couples sessions – go to places that are special to you, create connection, and laugh so hard you can’t breathe! An overlooked act of self-care is booking a self-portrait session (or maybe with your bestie!) to let your inner you shine!

Let’s Make Magic!

With a few clicks, you can start an amazing, new adventure! Select your session date, session style + aesthetic, and pay the deposit. Soon after, you’ll receive your session agreement to sign, and client questionnaire so I can get to know you a bit.

Tell me all the things like what you like to do, your vision for the session, and you can share a Pinterest inspo link if you have one! To schedule your session online, start here. If you have a question, click here

HOMEWORK: Create an inspiration board to share clothing + accessories, makeup + hair styles, prop ideas, and the overall vibe you want to bring to your session. Click here to get some ideas!

We’ll have all the details squared away!

You’ll also get an invite to a Trello board for your session to keep everything organized, along with a flow of what to expect + tips. Your Pinterest link will be added so all resources are in one location. You can also add photos of what you’re wearing, props, etc. so everything’s transparent!

Your Prep Squad

I’m a huge proponent for taking this opportunity to treat yo’self!!! Book a makeup artist + hair stylist! Get your brows shaped + love on your skin! Schedule a nail appointment so you don’t have the smudgies or chippies! Buy the hat or jacket you’ve had your eye on! I’m also a huge proponent for supporting local…..

Click here for some Central Ohio referrals to help you get ready for your session!

Timing is everything! Schedule any cosmetic or facial services 3-weeks in advance; hair cut + coloring services at least 2-weeks in advance. Just in case there’s an issue, you have time to heal or for a correction. Get your manicure (and pedi) within days of your session to reduce chipping. And it goes without saying that makeup + hair services should be scheduled the day of your session, but get it scheduled in advance so you don’t have to scramble to find someone!

PRO TIP: Gel polish is much more durable than lacquer polish and lasts longer. Make plans to do something after your session since you’re all dolled up – make the day a whole thaaang! 😉

I also have a Client Closet with a few select dresses + accessories for clients to borrow for sessions! If you need any other resource or referral as we plan your session, just let me know!

Session Day! Finally!!

Arrive a little early so you can gather yourself, your partner, and/or your littles. Especially for family sessions, be prepared with “Outfit B” in case someone has any kind of an accident that requires an outfit change. Like, prepare for the whole family because you just never know what your precious is going to get into!

Because ‘hangry’ doesn’t look good on anyone, make sure to bring snacks + drinks. Sometimes as you get everything ready you might forget to eat, so having something quick to grab makes a huge difference! With kiddos, stay away from sticky and messy treats. Bonus points if you have “photogenic” snacks so we don’t have to pause the session! To be honest, real-life moments like that are pure GOLD because true beauty + love are in the littlest of moments!

The Waiting Game

Now that you made it through the horror of a portrait session LOL you have the pleasure of sitting on pins + needles waiting to see all your images! It takes a few weeks to edit your gallery, but I’ll share BTS / sneak peeks on social stories as little teasers (follow me on FB + IG!)

When your images are ready, you’ll get to download the full gallery as high-resolution images, which means they’re print-ready. However, you can also purchase a variety of high-quality, gorgeous printed artwork to cover your walls with your images, and small prints to share with your loved ones.

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Rinse + Repeat

After you start sharing your photos on social media and gifting prints, people are going to be so in love with them and they’ll tell you! So, you might as well start planning when we get to do this all over again! What’s your next idea? How do you want to express yourself + your story??

I honestly believe people should invest in full portrait sessions twice a year. Your kids change so much and grow up too fast – don’t blink! Celebrate your love just because, not only on holidays, birthdays or anniversaries. You’re a freakin’ magical creature that is worthy of celebration; let loose with your BFF because your friendship outshines the sun!

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