What are you doing with your digital images??

Are they collecting digital dust?

Do you forget about them after you share them on social media?

Let me tell you why you need to print your beautiful images from your session!

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We live in a digital age, so naturally we’re all sharing images on Instagram and Facebook to show them off… but what else are you going to do with your images??  What happens if your computer crashes and you lose all the images, or when technology advances to the point that you can no longer access your digital files?  Are you going to keep updating all your digital images on your computer or hard drive to a new file format, if that’s even possible?

Let’s be real, they are easily forgotten about! But let’s go back to WHY you even booked your photography session to be begin with! Isn’t it to collect memories with your family? To capture bits of your story ? To watch your kids grow you? To share these special moments with the ones you love?

So, why aren’t you printing your photos to create a time-capsule of sorts for your kids? It’s a collection of moments in time telling a visual narrative of their childhood. Why aren’t you hanging photos in your home, filling your walls with your precious memories?

There is just something special about being able to hold a photograph in your hand, or thumbing through photo albums.  Whether you are sharing it with friends, family, your future children or grandchildren, it is much more intimate and special than staring at an image on a computer or tablet as you reminisce.  There is an actual connection between you and the photograph – an emotional connection that sparks your memory and gives you that warm-fuzzy feeling!

Sugar Plum Creative Columbus Ohio Lifestyle Portrait Business Personal Brand Photography Films Videos

I suggest that my clients order high-quality, professional prints and artwork, as opposed to ordering from a quickie, cheap retail photo lab, due to the very real chance of your images being dis-colored, and the sharpness and/or contrast altered.  Any modification to the image changes the final print completely, and diminishes the quality of the artwork we created together.

That is a problem for both of us, I mean, who wants to see an image of their baby with a weird green hue??  I don’t want people to think I don’t know what skin color looks like, and I don’t want your child to grow up thinking they are part Jolly Green Giant.

Frameless ready-to-hang photograph prints
…or add to a shelf or table top with an easel!

There are so many print options other than printed photographs (which are GREAT for sharing with friends and framing for family!), but also metal prints that are stunning and rich in color, and mounted prints (above) which are the perfect combination of photograph prints and hanging wall art without framing!

So let’s do this right!! Order gorgeous pieces of art for your home (with the correct color tones and sharpness) and gaze upon them with love and endearment as you take a walk down memory lane… with a smile on your face!  I offer a variety of stunning products for your home. Create your perfect collection of images to hold on to and pass down.

YOU are a masterpiece worth celebrating!

This is your story…. Your legacy.

Are you ready for a Storytelling experience to capture your beautiful family and to celebrate your love, creating instant memories to cherish for years to come??

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Sugar Plum Creative Columbus Ohio Lifestyle Portrait Business Personal Brand Photography Films Videos
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