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Simply put…

Sugar Plum Creative merges art, storytelling, and your brand personality to create custom photography + social video content that speaks volumes.

Breathe life into your visual content + brand narrative to connect and engage with your audience. Have an abstract idea or concept you’re not sure how to represent? That’s my jam!!

We’ll talk about all the ways to represent your brand to elevate your business. We’ll work together through strategy sessions to make sure no detail is left hidden, so we have a solid plan when it’s time for your session!

You’ll definitely be able to maximize your visual content on social media, in emails + blogs, for promotions, and in digital + printed collateral, like video cover photos and business cards!

Share your story, your brand story, your passion, your team, your workspace, your clients, their experience, your values, organizations you support… along with your stellar products and services! The possibilities are truly endless!

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