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Branding, Visual Content + Storytelling… OH MY!

Create your own on-brand visual content that conveys your brand message & client experience! First of all… let’s discuss what a brand photoshoot is, and why you need one…like, yesterday!! You know that actors have headshots to sell and market themselves as a brand… brand photography sessions are the same thing, but way more creative, …

brand session resources

Session Prep Checklist: Brand Photography

6 Prep Tips for Brand Photography Sessions There’s a lot that goes into planning a brand session – whether is for your personal brand or your business. With each brand session, you first have to evaluate where you brand is currently and if it’s aligned with where you want to take it. You do want …

brand photography

wanderlust studio | brand photography

Styled Product Photography Feels SO Much More Authentic! It really helps everyone to be able to picture what is being sold in their space (at home / at work / in the car, etc…) Have you ever seen something and thought ‘Oh!!! So that’s how you use it?!?!‘ – yeah…. same-same!! SHOW your target audience …

brand photography

cakes by kat bake shop | personal brand session

When You’re the Face of Your Brand, It’s Time to Show Up! Just like Kat, I’m sure you’re dreading having your photos taken for your business! She wasn’t super excited about having a session but she knew it needed done so she could level up to grow her AMAZING bake shop: Cakes by Kat Bake …

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brand photography

tanis clay | headshots

Headshots with Personality are the Only Ones I’ll Take… Sorry not Sorry! Theses images give me so much life!!! I LOVE creating amazing + functional art for creatives to use in business! When you are your brand, you need to bring all your personality and charm to your session. Your potential clients need to FEEL …