Get Creative + Make Connections at The Plum Social!

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What is The Plum Social?

It’s a relaxed + fun networking event with a creative element!

This a chance for business owners + entrepreneurs to build relationships with each other without selling or having to be “on“. A creative element is brought into each event to allow you to express or experiment without judgement! It’s kinda like a creative meditation + hangout sesh with friends! #selfcare #bosslife

Light adult beverages + snacks 🥂

Tranquil Coloring
Thursday, June 16th | 6pm – 8:00pm

📍 Haven Collective Mansion in Downtown Columbus

Explore your creativity with a selection of amazingly tranquil coloring books + colored pencils!

Abstract Doodles
Thursday, July 14th | 6pm – 8:00pm


You’ll get a sketch book + pens to unleash your imagination! No pressure – just play + explore!

Grow your boss tribe. Create authentic connections. Have fun!

Inspiration + support for your next session!

Share more of your brand + story in creative ways!

Your session is handled with care from start to finish.
So much thought + passion are poured into creating art that’s authentically you!!

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