Hopefully this FAQ list will answer your questions about Sugar Plum Creative!

But as always, contact me if you have any questions this doesn’t cover.  I’m here for YOU!

Why do you send a questionnaire?

Because I want to get to know you better! Also, so I can tailor the session and any props to you. Your experience during the session is just as important as the final images that result.

Why do you do consultations for brand sessions?

So we can talk (in-person, zoom, or by phone) about your expectations before your session, what you want to capture, and to create a plan of execute for the session day. Having a plan in place knowing the types of images to capture makes the whole process easier with less stress & anxiety.

Why do you send a photography contract?

The contract is for both our records as it specifies the date, time, location,and payment details, and covers what happens if there is inclement weather or an unexpected cancellation or if the session needs to be re-scheduled, as well as post-session time frames.

The contract is an electronic document sent via email, and you simply sign it digitally (type your name) as the approving signature, and you will submit it back to me. Please read the contract carefully and if you do not understand any point in it, please contact me for clarification.

Why do I pay a deposit?

Some sessions are pay-in-full and some sessions require a deposit to complete the booking process online, and is required to officially book your session in-person, manually, etc. The deposit officially reserves the date and time for your session with Sugar Plum Creative, meaning that no one else can be booked that day. 

Since the deposit is non-refundable, we would re-schedule your session if we cannot adjust the time for the same day.  Please note, there is an additional deposit required for last-minute cancellations and no-shows to be rescheduled.

Why do you send me reminders?

In case you forgot to note the session on your calendar, or if you have a balance due and the session date is approaching, I want to keep everyone up-to-date on the status of the session.  This also provides opportunity to communicate any schedule conflicts that may have come up in the meantime. Let me know if you prefer text or email reminders.

Can I pay the balance on the day of the session?

The payment must be made before the session actually starts. Only a few sessions are paid-inf-full upon booking. Typically, portrait session balances are due 7-days before the session starts, and brand session balances are due 14-days before the session starts.

What are the accepted forms of payment?

Cash — Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) — Debit Card (Visa, MasterCard) — PayPal (Venmo & CashApp are not accepted)

How do I pay for makeup or hair styling services?

Clients will receive professional service referrals and suggestions for makeup and/or hair stylists for sessions. All services are booked by the client directly with the service provider, and payment is made to provider.

*The LUXE Brand Packages have many services included.

What happens if the weather does not cooperate for an outdoor session?

We will re-schedule (either adjust the time same day, or select a new date) if we are not able to move indoors. Changing location may cause the session to run long, but at no additional charge.

What happens if we (the client) need to re-schedule the session?

As soon as you know you need to re-schedule, contact me to make arrangements – call, text or email. Please give as much notice as you can – cancellations within 48-hours and no-shows can be re-scheduled but are subject to an additional deposit.

What does ‘edited’ mean?

I edit images with an artistic touch. I remove blemishes, balance skin tones, even lighting and shadows, retouch skin, brighten eyes and teeth, and add artistic and color enhancements. I do not alter the physical appearance creating a new person – just enhance your beauty as it is.

What is a ‘composite’ edit?

Two or more images combined into a single final product. This can be used if someone is blinking and eyes are swapped out from another image (which is fairly common), or adding special graphics or changing out the background (which is more advanced and is at an additional charge).

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