Really! How are you doing right now?

So many weird things are happening! And changing on a daily basis!!

The whole state of Ohio tunes in at 2pm for our daily health crisis update from our Governor and head of the Health Dept. We can’t work outside our homes. We’ve now been advised to wear masks to prevent spreading the corona-virus in public in case you are asymptomatic. We’ve shifted to connecting with Zoom calls to celebrate birthdays and baby showers.

With the limitations on what we can do, it’s hard to be cooped up inside for so long, especially since humans are social creatures, even introverts bonding with other introverts about how great it is to be an introvert 🙃 But not everyone is okay with all this separation. Some people really do need a daily dose of human interaction and conversation to feel whole, to feel normal.

Some are also trying to navigate homeschooling their kids, which is no easy feat! Especially if you have kids in multiple grade levels! SO. MANY. THINGS!! And then trying to balance working from home, whether you work for someone or you own a business. Figuring out how to create work-arounds and set up a makeshift office in the kitchen. When does the work day start/stop for homeschoolin’? Are pants required everyday? …and now your kids just ran naked through your Zoom call 🤦‍♀️

Thank God it’s 2pm for Wine with DeWine!!

To be honest, and I feel kinda guilty for saying this, but I’ve had it pretty easy through this so far! I already worked from home and have an official office, but I’ve been using our kitchen table to work for the last couple of months so I can be more in my daughter’s space while I work. The big things that are really different for me are not being able to book sessions and the lack of childcare, but I mainly need childcare while I’m with clients, so it’s not a super huge adjustment. Other than making zero dollars…. sooo there’s that….

Baking muffins 😍
Our first worm discovery!

I do love that Rob is home with us during the day, even though it’s not for the right reasons. We’ve done so much more together as a family, and during our daughter’s “fun hours” – ha!! The mornings are definitely Raelynn’s sweet spot, so we explore the woods at our metro parks, we’ve cooked, and worm hunted a lot.

I’ve also been keeping busy with other “business-y” type stuff during our SAH order. I’m finally working on opt-ins, content strategy + creation, adding value to my Facebook group, streamlining + automating, and I got my ass organized! WHEW!!!

My secondary office #corneroffice #withaview lol

BUT —> I’m also “that person” who needs to stay busy to avoid losing their shit…… SOOOO, if you see me buzzing around or posting all over the place, that’s why. Anxiety. You’re seeing my anxiety. But I’m not losing my shit. I’m fine. Everything is fine 🤪

So, while we share memes of funny photos and one-liners, and joke about bartering with TP, which is another one of my copying mechanisms, let’s all take a step back and reach out to your friends and neighbors with a Facebook message, phone call or text to see how they’re doing. Like, how they’re REALLY doing!

A little genuine connection can go a long way! 💜

I can’t wait to connect with YOU once we get the all-clear from our stay-at-home order, and to return to whatever our new normal will be. I would really love to celebrate with you!!

I know families didn’t get to do spring or Easter mini sessions this year. Entrepreneurs are in desperate need of updated images as they jump-start their business. So I’m going to have a series of mini sessions set up, still honoring social distancing, providing more images than I normally do for minis, and keeping prices low because I GET IT!

Sign up below if you’d like to know when Sugar Plum Minis are scheduled! I’ll be ready AS SOON AS THE SAH ORDER IS LIFTED FROM THE AMAZING GOV. DeWINE & DR. ACTON!!

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