Have you ever been stuck trying to figure out WHERE to have your photos taken?

It can be hard!! I get it!! The. Struggle. Is. Real. Y’all!!!

Sometimes your mind just draws a blank when you try to think of “good places to go”. Even in as big of a city as Columbus with so much to do and so much diversity!

You can literally drive 30-minutes outside of the city in a different direction and see that many different scenic views! (I love Ohio!!!!! #theheartofitall)

So, whether it’s for a lifestyle session to capture your personality and a piece of your story but you don’t want a home session….

OR you want to do a creative styled portrait session (maybe with your bestie) and we need to find just the right setting to go with your perfect outfit…

OR when you’re planning a brand session to create authentic visual content to connect with your audience….

I’ll help ya by sharing some of my favorite locations I’ve had sessions or would love to!

No email or password required! But you can make a ‘Favorites List’ if you see any locations where you want to plan a future session! Email registration may be required to create & save favorites list.

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I hope you saw some locations you were drawn to & that have you inspired to plan your next session! I’m ready when you are!! Oh yeah – make sure to save that gallery link too! Stop back often – I’ll be updating it with new photos!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out some location ideas! See you next time!!

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