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How Are You Doing??

Really! How are you doing right now? So many weird things are happening! And changing on a daily basis!! The whole state of Ohio tunes in at 2pm for our daily health crisis update from our Governor and head of the Health Dept. We can’t work outside our homes. We’ve now been advised to wear …

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Balancing Business + Motherhood

This post includes affiliate links. It probably sounds cool to be an “entrepreneur” or a “business owner”. People think you can work when and how you want…… and you can…. but it’s really freakin’ hard to balance life, work, and self-care! You work long ass hours. Not just the hours your business is “open” during …

meet the artist

Behind the Lens: Erin Burke

Hey! It’s me, Erin! The feisty creative behind the camera, and the owner of Sugar Plum Creative! I laugh a lot….. Get used to this face!! lol I’m trying to get better about sharing about me more, instead of why I love storytelling photography sessions, so you can get to know ME and not just …